Red Dead Redemption(RDR) 3 Features Wishlist: [High Expectation]

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2 Comments on Red Dead Redemption(RDR) 3 Features Wishlist: [High Expectation]

Jesica said : Guest Report May 08, 2017 at 6:44 AM

    Here is my wishlists for RDR 3 those i want to see in this game Ability to equip shotguns with slugs to increase range Ability to purchase Gatling Guns and Maxim machine guns Ability to purchase coaches, possible some with mounted weapons Marston can upgrade his weapon at any gunsmith Marston will have an opportunity to dual- wield any handgun Ability to switch between First- Person and Third- Person mode, just like in Skyrim Ability to breed cattle and horses Ability to create your own multiplayer character and name him/her. New maps When Marston has killed and skinned a wild animal, he can sell the meat to merchants, or eat it to replenish health

    Justin James said : Guest Report Apr 28, 2017 at 5:58 AM

      Every RDR lover is looking for RDR 2 with their own wishlists. My wishlists for the RDR 2 is : I want Weather like storms in this game. A better online experience that GTA Online (reliability, performance mainly) single player DLC More Visuals ability to dual wield More customisation Different houses, hideouts. Would like to see pets/tameable animals in SP. More Guns. More alive cities. ability to join different gangs to open up different missions

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