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GINA generally makes it illegal for health insurance companies, dental, there are a few circumstances in which a legal guardian consent is not required to treat a minor. What steps must I take to complete the form?

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You can ask any questions you want at your appointment. You must complete a separate form for each child and caregiver. Make unlimited revisions and copies.

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There are certain exceptions to this general rule for consent from minors for medical treatment under Maryland law.

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  • Sexually active minors of childbearing age may access family planning services offered through the Department of Public Health.
  • Clients who refuse treatment for these diseases shall be subject to court proceedings to force treatment.
  • This permission is granted from DATE and will expire on DATE.
  • NEW APPROACH TO CHILD PROTECTION Child safety and wellbeing is a whole of community responsibility.

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Obtain a copy of the court order and examine it carefully prior to treatment to determine any limits on the ability of the legal guardian to consent to treatment of the minor patient.

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