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Although it is more commonly seen in commercial motor vehicle policies, some individuals purchase automobile insurance policies with combined single limits. What are the different types of malpractice coverage?

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An insurance policy provided by an insurer that does not have the right to assess policyholders for additional amounts to make up shortfalls in operating costs. Umbrella policies provide additional coverage on other types of insurance policies too.

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The broker will have you complete an application; if you have coverage currently they will obtain your loss runs for the past five or ten years.

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Most insurance companies will require underwriting approval before they allow a locums physician to be endorsed onto the policy, so plan ahead and make sure your locums physician is approved and coverage is in place before you leave.

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Premium indications, which are subject to change, may be released if the underwriting information needed to release a premium indication has been provided. That document can be a copy of your declarations page or a memorandum or verification of insurance, or any valid documentation from your current insurance company. Is excess workers compensation a liability policy?

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