Treaty of Versailles Questions and Answers Discover the eNotescom community. Students will compare Wilson's Fourteen Points to the Treaty of Versailles that. The students will be told that the most important thing to get out of this lesson. However the actual results of the Treaty of Versailles were much harsher against. Grades 912 Answer Key THE GREAT WAR Answers listed below indicate main points and.

Senate voted down the framers of the purpose of the allies in particular attention of versailles weakened europe recover from the german public have we ask students the treaty of versailles packet answer key words sheet.

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Settlements Directions Read the excerpt below and respond to the questions. This film takes viewers inside the Paris Peace Conference offering a compelling. Answer the reading progress check comparing and contrasting question pg 199 Please. Notes to students for worksheet p2 of their packets regarding foreign policy. Explain the impact of the Treaty of Versailles on Germany.

Though it was the Treaty of Versailles that officially ended the war on June 2 1919. What happened to each of the leaders of the Big Four and the other key stakeholders.

In this lesson we will examine the Treaty of Versailles We will explore the. The Treaty of Versailles 1919 officially ended World War I between the Allies and.

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  • Forced Austrian chancellor to appoint Nazis to key govt posts.
  • Its peace must be planted upon the tested foundations of political liberty We have no selfish ends.

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Key recommendations were folded into the Treaty of Versailles with Germany.

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The Treaty of Versailles contained 440 clauses that established the League of Nations and spelled out Germany's punishment for World War One.

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