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You need the Eon Flute to be able to SOAR If you want to FLY like the games before ORAS you need HM fly Having LatiasLatios doesn't matter you just need the eon flute You don't even need to have Latis in your party to use the Eon Flute to fly around.

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You can join Glitch City Research Institute to ask questions or. Latios and Latias in ORAS are NOT shiny locked pokemon Reddit. This page contains Pokemon Emerald q&a questions and answesr cheatsguru. Read more cheat codes Pokemon Emerald Codes Emerald gameshark codes. Pokemon trade codes digits.

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Those deemed worthy to visit Navel Rock are presented with the Mystic Ticket which will allow them access to this mysterious locale In order to access Navel Rock you will need a Mystic Ticket which is only available through Mystery Gift or a Nintendo-sanctioned event.

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