Red Dead Redemption(RDR) 3 Features Wishlist: [High Expectation]

Rockstar Games developed an amazing action-adventure video game in 2010 which was named as Red Dead Redemption. Following it their was second release in the Franchise called as Red Dead Revolver and as expected it gained wild popularity. It’s success broke records and got a huge profit for Rockstar Games. The first edition of the game sold a 14 million units which was a huge record for a video game. This great success was enough to ensure the passage of a sequel.

But after that developers got delayed in their next attempt and it was nowhere to be seen for years. However, the wait is over now and the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 is expected anytime soon this year. You will have it most probably before the end of 2017.

Here in this article I am going to talk about Red Dead Redemption 3 and share some features which it should have. I feel addition of these amazing features is sure to skyrocket the success of the upcoming RDR 3 game.

Red Dead Redemption RDR 3 Features Wishlist

Red Dead Redemption 3 [RDR 3] Features Wishlist:

Better Customization RDR 3:

The plot and the setting of the original version of the game was undoubtedly very fine. But what it lacked was proper customization for the gamers. A very subtle choice was given to them regarding costume of the protagonist. Also, the animals they chose came only with a few features that allowed them to earn through them but not to seek defense.

It would be great if the game would come with better personalized choices regarding the clothing of the characters and traits of the animals which can be used in their favor. Along with the clothing, they can be given choices regarding their equipment’s too like guns, knives and stuff.
Customization would definitely add more personalized touch to the game which will make it even more fascinating for the users.

RDR 3 Need Super AI and Gameplay:

One really important aspect about any Game is its User interface and graphics and that is where the original version of the Game remained somewhat behind. It would be really better if the game screen is all filled with engrossing content. This would give the users a better experience with the game and keep them engaged in it in a more fascinating way.

Implement The Idea Of Take-Two Interactive Shared Universe:

Seeing the trailer of the game it could be made that it is set in the amazing locations of New Bordeaux, New Orleans. All this has made the fans to believe that probably this version of the game is going to include a shared Take-Two Interactive universe which would be an amazing implementation and RDR is highly expected to work on the same.

For instance the game could include characters from games like- Mafia or other Rockstar games. Apart from this it could also include references from other games to work on a fictional story. These Take-Two Interactive shared universe are a new trend in movies and including this in gaming would be a remarkable initiative in video gaming. It would make a huge success in Gaming Industry and all the credit would go to Red Dead Redemption for bringing it in.

Simple And Interesting Storyline:

The primary feature that keeps the users engaged in the game is its storyline. If that interests the gamers, the game is certainly a hit. So, the storyline should be worked in a manner which is simple and interesting as well.

Now, for Instance the teaser showed seven cowboys posing on the hilltop. If all of them are protagonists and central focus it would be a pathetic plot. So, what the gamers expect and like is that the story should centralize the narrative with the main character. An amazing story is sure to keep the gamers intact for long and would confirm Rockstar’s commitment to their “brand new online multiplayer experience”.

Wondrous Setting For The Game:

One must feature that every game is ought to include is its location and setting. Though Rockstar is very well aware of this fact which could be proved seeing its other games yet it needs to make certain modifications for the latest version of the passage. A deep connection between the open world and gamers could be built only with quality settlement-building system. So, Rockstar should work on that. It should learn what ideas did not succeed for its other versions and try to modify them for RDR. It should ignore including tedious journeys to some dingy locations and thriving for futile prizes. All what should be there in the game is a fascinating and splendid locations to keep the interest of the users alive.

It should include towns that come with exclusive features of their own like a more crime infested town, one with scary robbers, one with sheer anarchy and towns like Blackwater.

Creating Personalized Characters For The Game:

Character customization in the game should not be restricted to clothing, weapons and their avatar only. It should go deeper beyond that and should include creating player’s identity, their traits and building a reputation. This would be done as they interact and make connection with NPCs and other players. Not only horse but the players could also own barns of their own from which they would select a ride or have an upgradeable ranch, one that will earn them money by selling cattle and make money.

Player Ranking System:

Another needed change is about the ranking of the players. What usually happens is they are arranged arbitrary and given no specific ranks. This does not give them any motivation to rise further so, for that it is better they are assigned ranks as per their performance and as they complete a mission they receive a higher rank likewise and add a morality system for major heist missions that determine if your character is praised or vilified as they walk into a saloon. Also, the players should be the one to choose a favorite horse for them and raise it and build a relationship with it. This character thus formed could be probably named as the Cow Boy Character.

Multiplayer Mode:

The multiplayer mode of the game was really amazing. All the gamers liked it very much so what is needed is to lay a lot more focus on the multiplayer of the game, more game types and like GTA give us 30 player maps since we know the area will be huge. And the multiplayer is going more towards money which is not nice. It was sorted to be about player interaction and causing bedlam with your friends so rather than having expensive things into the game for which you will strive to earn money it should better be about $10 that adds content that can be immediately accessed.

Gang Hubs and Outposts:

Now, what we have seen in the game is that the gangs involved are given chance to purchase outposts which is a unique and interesting idea and the general people can also band up together and fights against these gangs for earning bonus like XP. It can act as a gang hub to allow players to have a direct combat. Now, these outposts should have different types of walls, watch towers, even cannons for higher levels.

Hopefully, all these changes are brought to the notice of developers and we wish that they would pay heed to all this. Let us see what items of this wish list are actually worked on.

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