Rockstar Games is an American video game developer and publisher. The brand is well known for its popular publications like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead, Midnight Club, Max Payne, and Manhunt series of video games.
The Rockstar studio is headquartered in New York City. The brand was established in 1998 by Take-Two Interactive, as a successor to British video game publisher BMG Interactive Entertainment.

Rockstar Games Best Known For Grand Theft Auto And Red Dead

While some of the brands taken over by Take-Two Interactive, were left under their own identities while rest were merged into the Rockstar brand, while some become part of Take-Two Interactive’s 2K Games subsidiary. The founding members of the brand were prominent names associated to take two interactive. These people were Sam Houser, Dan Houser, Terry Donovan, and Jamie King.

Even the headquarters of the brand in NoHo is a part of part of the Take-Two Interactive offices. In fact it is responsible for management of marketing, public relations and product development activities.

The largest revenue earning Franchise of the Rockstar Games is Grand Theft Auto series which alone has sold at least 250 million as of November 2016. In Fact the total revenue of the brand till now has been close to $4 billion. Among that tot, Grand Theft Auto V holds an unbreakable record among all video game series of selling an incredibly high number of copies which is least 75 million copies. The huge popularity of the game earned it the prestigious BAFTA Academy Fellowship Award at the British Academy Video Games Awards in @014.

GTA 5 75 Million Copies Sold

The brand has till now developed and produced popular gaming series like, Grand Theft Auto series, Monster Truck Madness 64, Thrasher Presents Skate and Destroy, Earthworm Jim 3D, Wild Metal Country, Smuggler’s Run series, Midnight Club series, The Italian Job, UNI, State of Emergency, Max Payne series, Manhunt series, Red Dead series, The Warriors, Beaterator, L.A. Noire and Agent.

Rockstar Games have developed their own game engine called the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE) to facilitate game development on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows, Mac[d] and Wii systems.

Rockstar games has also released counterpart movies for its video game versions. These movies are, GTA 2: The Movie (1999), Crime drama, The Football Factory, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Introduction and the Sunday Driver.

Rockstar has since released an enhanced remake of Grand Theft Auto V for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which can be fully played from the first-person perspective.

Rockstar Games Social Club is an online gaming service created by Rockstar for use with their games to let people connect through forums and share their views regarding the game. The company has been involved with charitable work ranging from supporting Movember, offering appearances in games as a raffle prize, and charity live streams too.

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