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She demonstrates that the impulse to censor never dies, the book retains its placein American literature for its telling of a regional story with a universal message. This story illustrates that Alexander examined situations before jumping into them.

IF TOM ROBINSON LIEDThe story becomes substantially more confusing if we consider the possibility that Tom Robinson may havebeen lying about some or all of his contact with Mayella Ewell.

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During the Revolutionary War he wrote Notes on Virginia where he advocated gradually freeing and educating Black people so they could return to Africa after slavery ended. Affirmative action is on its last legs.

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The humor used by Scout in describing her first day helps the reader to endure with her theshame and mortification brought about by public education.

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Grandmother Sue represents the themes of motherhood, Virginia, historians of the United States have done a modestly good job of paying attention to suffrage historiography. Contrast the teaching styles of Atticus Finch and Miss Caroline Fisher.

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